bbuzzinga ...storm hackathon!



Retresco is an open-source driven company that specializes in semantic technologies. We are inviting people to join us building some experimental psudo real-time computation systems with Twitter Storm and the publically available Wikipedia click data.

This is what you can expect:

We will have a running Storm cluster and have the datasets stored so we can get right into writing topologies to process the data. We split into two groups, one is working on the backend and one on the frontend to visualize the data.

The backend group will start with an introduction to Storm in the morning and we help everyone setting up a development environment. No experience with Storm is necessary to join in. Storm allows topologies to be built in any language, however, we have found the development experience is best using Java or Clojure. A strong understanding of these languages is not essential as the ‘Bolts’ we will be writing are fairly simple, the interesting part is how data is routed and processed through the topology.

The frontend group will use AngularJS, Coffeescript and Python to build an application to visualize the data, correlations and real-time analytics.

The dataset we will be working with is the wikipedia click data, which we are working on downloading, parsing and storing now. We will be computing various trends over time from this data. During the day we will combine the work of the two groups - plug and pray. We’re looking forward to seeing you!



Wednesday 5 June 2013, 10 am at the Retresco office in Heinrich-Roller-Str. 16B, 10405 Berlin.



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Don't hesitate! Post questions/suggestions either here or contact Agnes (



We invite you to the upcoming 8th Recommender Stammtisch with our glad expected speaker guests Mikio Braun about "Online Learning with Stream Minig" and Ted Dunning about "Bayesian A/B Testing applied to recommenders".


start: 7 pm, 5th of June

location: Torstraße 33-35,10119 Berlin, U2-Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz



Beside a short introduction of plista, the two guests Mikio Braun and Ted Dunning will give their speech. There will be a lot of pizzas and drinks to enjoy the evening, so don't worry about your supply. ;-)


If you have any questions don't hurry to contact

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