Let's make Berlin Buzzwords more interactive!

As you know 98% of our Berlin Buzzwords talks are getting in through the call 4 sumbissions. And of course, we want to keep it like this, because it makes sure that you get to see talks that you're truly interested in, tackling problems you're dealing with!

But we know as well that sitting and listening to talks for two whole days can be tiring after a while - however interesting and valuable the topic and speaker might be. Therefore we want to make Berlin Buzzwords more interactive by bringing in other formats additional to the traditional speech! 

Since we are doing this for the first time and it will be little bit experimental, we decided to keep the call 4 submissions as you are used to it for now - that means, you're still submitting talks under the three tags search, store and scale.  

But additionally we'd like to invite you to submit sessions that are of a different format - think hacking workshops, coding sessions etc. for this year's Berlin Buzzwords.


After we moved Buzzwords to a bigger location, we will provide an additional room for your ideas and interactive formats and of course you get a free ticket if you run a workshop or hackathon in our interactive program!

Do you have an idea? Please get in touch with us via info [at] berlinbuzzwords.de and share it!