We want you on stage - Open Stage at #bbuzz

As Call for Papers and reviews are done: Thank you for over 120 submissions. We received far more proposals than can reasonably fit into two days of conference time. Nonetheless we want to give you the opportunity to present a short talk or do a workshop. This time there will be no lightning talks. Instead we offer you an Open Stage to share your ideas and thoughts with the #bbuzz audience. Those presentation slots run in parallel to the regular schedule and are handed out on a first come first serve basis.

Maybe you missed the submission deadline, have an idea that does not quite fit into a full slot, or come up with a topic during the conference. Don't worry! Use the Open Space as a stage and present your topic or project anyway. We also invite you to use the Open Stage slots creatively and create your very own session format not necessarily involving a speaker teaching the audience some technology using a pre-defined slide deck to help the conference by increasing diversity.

We are organising the Open Stage via the conference wiki. Please create an account and feel free to contribute to the Berlin Buzzwords topics. The Open Stage shall be a place for spontaneous action. It also will be public which means people who don't have a ticket for Berlin Buzzwords have access to the stage. Talks are moderated by session chairs who will enforce the slot lengths rigorously. Furthermore companies have also the opportunity for sponsored talks beside the regular conference program.