Please give feedback

We would like to turn Berlin Buzzwords into the best conference ever. To do that we need your input - speakers, attendees, sponsors: Please give feedback below. We'll try to incorporate that into next year's edition - or tell you why we can't.

Strengths of the conference

Tell us what you like about the conference - what makes you go to bbuzz instead of other conference. These are things we definitely should not change about the concept.

  • Getting most geeks in one place.

  • Good time and location for hacking away on projects.

  • Most of the speakers made the stuff they talked about themselves.

  • Open stage worked well.

Weaknesses you encountered

Tell us what you didn't like and where we could improve.

  • Please tell session chairs to de-fragment the audience at the beginning of the sessions - attendees should sit next to each other instead of there being empty seats between them.

  • The Open stage could barely be found - needs better signage.

  • Tell session chairs to tell the audience in the beginning if a session has changed so the speaker doesn't have to do that.

  • This year was pretty heavy on elastic search.

  • It may be a petty thing, but I really hated the blue ribbon that served as our ticket which could not be removed overnight (or could it?). Why not have some badge of sorts that can be worn around the neck, like every other conference?

  • Most of the talks on the first day were too introductory; second day was a lot better.

Opportunities for Berlin Buzzwords

Tell us opportunities for the conference - what additional formats should we offer, where should we integrate the audience further?

  • Please invite rejected speakers in the reject mail to put in a proposal into the open stage slots explicitly.

  • Scale out to three days instead of just two.

  • Change the dates in the upper right button to start on Sunday and finish on Wednesday - otherwise people have trouble explaining to their employer why they have to travel to Berlin on Sunday and leave no earlier than Wednesday.

  • Reach out to Berlin meetups and motivate them to co-locate in early 2014.

  • Put the Call for Hackathons and Meetups directly in the Call for presentations.

  • Help people meet. Maybe a nametag with a few custom keywords such as "NLP, clustering, real-time"?

Threads to the conference

Tell us what kind of threads you see wrt buzz.

  • Need to find a better balance between aggressively filtering spam from the website and not blocking new users.

Any other feedback in other media

Find any other feedback? Blog posts, news articles etc - link them here. Blog post (photos and feedback included):