This page is intended to get you quickly started using our wiki syntax.

Simple headline

Is written like this # Ultimate header

Ultimate headline

Is written like this ## 2nd level headline

Paragraph headline

Is written like this ### Paragraph headline

Internal links, like pointing back to MainPage.

Can be written in 3 type of ways: [MainPage](Main Page), or [[MainPage]], and also like [[MainPage|MainPage]]. See MainPage

External Links

Can just be placed as they are into a content of a wiki page, e.g. the marmdown syntax guide (

And typing the following:

* Item 1

* Item 2

produces a simple unordered list with our markdown syntax

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

Emphasizing text

Works through typing the following:

**This would become a bold text**, this is a gonna be a *cursive* text.

Further guidance

For further guidance you may want to have a look at this


Here you can edit this page to get started with a table like the following:

Counter Name
1 Row
2 Row