On Cassandra's evolutions


Apache Cassandra is a fast moving project, each release bringing it's fair share of new and exciting features. This has been particularly true in the last major release, Cassandra 1.2, with the addition of vnodes, CQL3 (and its new binary protocol), request tracing, atomic batches, a number of performance improvements and more. This talk will present all these new features, putting them in the perspective of Cassandra's evolution and descibing why you might care. We'll wrap up by discussing what's coming next, for Cassandra 2.0.

About the speaker: 
Sylvain Lebresne is a Sofware Engineer for DataStax, where he is working on the Apache Cassandra for which he is a core contributor, committer and PMC member. In a previous life, he obtained a Ph.D in Computer Science for Paris 7 University.

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Time slot: 
4 June 14:45 - 15:30