We want attendees to stay for the whole week and enable them to deep-dive into their favorite topic. There will be workshops/meetups/hackathons offered before, during and after the main conference. They are organised by volunteers and hosted by Berlin Buzzwords as well as local companies. Berlin Buzzwords attendees are free to go to any of these after successful registration (free of cost, only to limit the number of attendees).

If you want Berlin Buzzwords people to know of your co-located event, please list it below - preferably by creating your own wiki page with all event details and linking to it below (make sure you tag your event with "schedule" and "meetup" so others can find it more easily).


Hosted by local companies and universities we offer several workshops before the main conference kicks off. Find them listed below.

  • Nothing here yet - we are working on it. Talk to us if you want to host your own workshop
  • WorkshopTemplate ... links to a template for a workshop proposal


Hosted by local companies those are additional workshops bbuzz attendees can go to.