Berlin Buzzwords Barcamp 2013

The Berlin Buzzwords BarCamp is back for our forth year! Come along again for great discussions and knowledge sharing with your fellow attendees, on topics like Searching, Storing and Scaling. Note that we're in a different venue this year.

  • Where: Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin, Germany
  • Date: 2nd June 2013 (the evening before Berlin Buzzwords)
  • When: 5.00pm - 9.30pm (registration from 4.30pm)
  • Who: Eligible are all registered attendees of Berlin Buzzwords, who have signed up below

Only people who have put their name in the table below are guaranteed to be let in! If you'd like to come along, please sign up below (in the waiting list - we'll hopefully still be able to make room!), and list a brief bit of your interests.


In keeping with the main Berlin Buzzwords conference, we're going to be focusing on similar themes!

The overriding theme of the evening is NoSQL, with a side order of Search. We're especially keen for people to discuss, and give talks on:

  • Using NoSQL in new areas
  • NoSQL comparisons (eg which is the best project for different content problems?)
  • Deploying NoSQL - case studies and war stories
  • Searching - Apache Lucene + SOLR tips and tricks
  • Real-time analysis
  • Data science at scale
  • Elastic search tips and tricks

However, being a BarCamp, the exact schedule won't be decided until the day, based on who comes, and what everyone wants to hear about and talk on!

What is it?

BarCamps are a kind of "un-conference", where the schedule isn't decided until the day, and is based on those who attend. Everyone is welcome at them, and everyone can participate in a variety of ways.

The BarCamp at Berlin Buzzwords will be back for our fourth year in 2013, and once again we'll be discussing things around the same themes as the main conference itself. Unlike with the main conference, we don't have a schedule that's defined in advance, just the topics/themes, and an idea of who's coming. We'll do the scheduling at the start, based on who comes and what interests them, then kick off. The schedule may change slightly though, if one topic turns out to be more interesting or bigger than we initially thought! We'll also try to provide some break-out space, so sessions which might just overrun can have somewhere to finish up in, without affecting the next session.

BarCamps are generally more active, participatory and inclusive than regular conferences. Everyone can take part, whether leading a session, providing helpful commentary and insights, sharing experiences, or just asking smart questions. You can also help by blogging / tweeting / sharing photos, to help capture the discussions and information, both for those not at the event, and yourselves for the future!


Berlin Buzzwords - our sister event - 2 day conference on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 5th June on Search, Store and Scale

Thanks to our sponsor who supports us with food and drinks at the BarCamp.


Everything is taking place on the evening of Sunday 2nd June

Note - schedule is still provisional, we hope to confirm the start time shortly!

  • 4.30pm - Doors open, registration begins
  • 5.00pm - Welcome, and Introduction to BarCamps session
  • 5.15pm - Session scheduling - you decide what you want to hear about!
  • 5.30pm - First sessions begin
  • 7.00pm - Food arrives, discussions continue
  • 7.30pm - Sessions resume
  • 9.00pm - Sessions end
  • 9.15pm - Retire to a nearby pub for more beer

(We can potentially add an extra session at 9.30pm if there's demand, we'll decide on the day!)

Session Schedule

Time Main Room Room 2 Room 3
7.00pm Dinner Dinner Dinner
9.00pm Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye

Most sessions will run for 30 minutes, so we should be able to get through a lot of different topics and interests over the course of the night! We'll aim to run multiple sessions (probably 2, sometimes 3) in different rooms.


Please note we're in a different venue this year!

This year, the BarCamp will be held at Kulturbrauerei, which also hosts the main conference. We've a number of spaces available at Kulturbrauerei, with the exact mix to be used likely to depend on the weather. (We'll use the lovely backyard outside if we can do!)

Kulturbrauerei is located at Prenzlauerberg Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin, Germany. It's a short walk from the Eberswalder Str. S+U Bahn Station.

As with last year, we hope to have several rooms available for sessions.


If you'd like to help out, please sign up here! We're after people to help with:

  • Registration (manning the desk, helping produce copies of the schedule etc)
  • Local advice (for people coming to the BarCamp and the conference) Please also have a look at the conference wiki, and add more information there!
  • Setting up whiteboards, shedule charts, projectors etc before hand
  • Posting the schedule online (once we've done the scheduling on the day)
  • Duplicating the schedule for all the rooms

Sign Up

We're slightly limited on space, so we'd ask that people wishing to come along sign up below. If the main section is full, put yourself on the waiting list, and we'll let you know nearer the time if we'll be able to squeeze you in....

To sign up, make sure you're signed in to the buzzwords site (see just under the banner), then click "EDIT" in the top left, and edit this wiki page.

Counter Name Twitter/Homepage Interested in
1 Nick Burch @Gagravarr Organiser, Apache Tika, Raspberry Pi, and what's hot in NoSQL!
2 Isabel Drost @MaineC Co-Organiser All things scalable and search
3 Jan Lehnardt All things NoSQL (and Apache CouchDB of course)
4 Simon Willnauer @s1m0nw All things searchable (in particular Apache Lucene)
5 Eric Evans @jericevans All things NoSQL (and Apache Cassandra of course)
6 Marcus Granström @pecke01 All things scalable and search
7 Joel Abrahamsson @joelabrahamsson All things scalable and search
8 Rafał Kuć @kucrafal All things scalable and search
9 Florian Hopf @fhopf Search and everything related
10 Anne Veling @anneveling Search (Lucene, ElasticSearch) and scalability
11 Hannes Korte Search and NLP
12 Alan Woodward @romseygeek Search
13 Muralidharan Deenathayalan @muralidharand Apache Cassandra and its plus and minus !
14 Jilles van Gurp @jillesvangurp Elasticsearch & Geo stuff
15 Sebastian Schelter @sscdotopen large scale data analysis
16 Anton Lebedevich @widdoc Performance metrics analysis, Erlang
17 Otis Gospodnetić @otisg Large scale data processing, Performance, Analytics, ElasticSearch, Solr
18 Dmitry Kan @dmitrykan Scalable search, NLP, Lucene / Solr
19 Radu Gheorghe All things scalable and search
20 Jonas Dohse @dohse Realtime and In-Memory
21 Daniel Trümper @truemped Search, Realtime
22 Liz Macfie Large scale data analysis
23 Tarn Barford @tarnacious Computing, various
25 Alexander Reelsen @spinscale Elasticsearch, Netty
26 Sebastian Sternemann data processing, startups
27 Niels Basjes @nielsbasjes Large scale realtime analytics.
28 Barrie Kersbergen
29 Tolleiv Nietsch @tolleiv All things scalable and search (ideally prefixed with Apache ...)
30 Jan Kronquist Scalability, DDD, event sourcing
31 Adrien Grand @jpountz Search!
32 Shay Banon @kimchy
33 Britta Weber NLP, search
34 Andre Sprenger Large scale realtime analytics
35 Heiko Ehrig @heikoehrig NLP, search, rt analytics
36 Alex Brasetvik @alexbrasetvik All things search
37 Cecilie Myhre All things search
38 Frank Conrad NoSql, scale
39 Martijn van Groningen @mvgroningen Search
40 Alexander Bij Scale and store
41 David Schmidt Search and store
42 Jakub Zavrel @jakubzavrel Semantic Search, NLP
43 Henning Esser large scale data analysis
44 Robert Muir @rcmuir Lucene & Search
45 Ryan Ernst Search
46 Rashid Khan @rashidkpc Elasticsearch & Analytics
47 Ross Turner @RossTBerlin NLG, NLP
48 Lucian Precup @lucianprecup ETL, BI, Search
49 Andrii Gakhov @gakhov search, realtime analytics
50 Sebastian Piedoux ElasticSearch
51 Gabriel Gambarini ElasticSearch
52 Hanno Schlichting @hannosch ElasticSearch & Geo
53 Julien Gonçalves @rlk_jgo Search and Store
54 Frederik Kraus BigData BI ML
55 Florian Pfeiffer BigData BI ML
56 Ivica Milosevic NoSQL
57 Patrick Trost Search, NLP, Lucene/Solr
58 Christoph Büscher Machine Learning, Search
59 Mark Kirschbaum Search Store Scale
60 Philippe Bouffaut Search and Store
61 Mario Roy Search and Store
62 Julien Nioche @digitalpebble Crawl, NLP, ML, Search
63 Fredrik Rødland @fredrikr Search (Solr, elasticsearch)
64 Morten L. Segelvik Search
65 Stefan Hoth @stefanhoth Oh so many things
66 Christoph Goller All things scalable and search
67 Owen O'Malley @owen_omalley Hive, Hadoop, BigData, Security
68 Ryan Zezeski @rzezeski Search, Lucene/Solr, Distributed
69 Gaute Lambertsen Search, NLP, Big Data
70 Christian Moen Search, NLP, Big Data
71 Uwe Schindler @ThetaPh1 Bugs Bugs Bugs
72 Honza Král @honzakral Elasticsearch, NoSQL
73 Gary Dusbabek @gdusbabek wooooooohoooooooo!
74 Matthias Broecheler Titan Graph Database, Aurelius
75 Marko Rodriguez Faunus Graph Analytics Engine, Aurelius
76 Michael Kleen @mkleen Data Analysis, Search
77 Vladimir Poroshin @vporoshin Search, NLP, Big Data

If the list above is full, please put yourself on the waiting list below. We'll confirm nearer the time if we can extend registration to include those of you waiting, it'll depend on rounding up extra sponsorship to cover your dinner too!

Counter Name Twitter/Homepage Interested in
W1 Rene Nederhand Machine learning, Search, NLP
W2 Jan van Haarst Search, Linux
W3 Michael Hausenblas @mhausenblas interactive queries, streams, NoSQL
W4 Ruben Geerlings Search, machine learning, NLP
W5 Stefan Pohl @pohlstefan IR, ML, Big Data

Things we need

(please -cross out- if you're able to help out with something, and put your name next to it)

  • -A projector for the 1st room- provided by NewThinking
  • A projector for the 2nd room
  • Extra stationary for labelling, scheduling etc
  • USB Keyboard and HDMI/Composite to projector cables, for a Raspberry Pi demo
  • -Food- provided by
  • -Beer- provided by
  • -Pens- provided by Heiko/Neofonie
  • -Markers- provided by Heiko
  • -Coloured A4 paper- provided by Heiko (or A5 at a pinch)
  • white A4 paper
  • a roll of wrapping paper
  • a roll of white sticky foil
  • a pair of scissors
  • masking tape
  • scotch tape
  • name tags

Getting There

The venue is Kulturbrauerei, which is hosting the main conference as well. This not the same venue as last year!

The address is: Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin, Germany

For more details see also the route planner at

Tags for twitter flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc. We'll be using the tag #bbuzz , in common with the main conference

What to bring

  • Yourself!
  • Laptop/Tablet/SmartPhone (so you can look things up, post etc)
  • If your laptop drinks batteries, a charger + a power strip
  • A plugboard (powerstrip) to make sure we have enough sockets
  • If you're using a Mac for a presentation, VGA adapters
  • Spare battery (if you need one to last 5+ hours)
  • Camera
  • An idea for a session, presentation, talk or hacking. Whatever, it's your choice!
  • A smile
  • ...?