Shay Banon

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Shay Banon is founder of ElasticSearch, an open-source, distributed, RESTful, Search Engine. Shay also founded the Compass project in 2004, an open-source Java Search Engine library built on top of Lucene.

Dominik Benz

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Dr. Dominik Benz studied Computer Science with minor Psychology at the University of Freiburg, Germany. In his PhD at the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group (University of Kassel) he applied Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery methods to large datasets of Social Web Systems in order to discover emergent semantic structures. Since November 2012 he is working as a Big Data Engineer at Inovex GmbH, focussing on quality-driven development of Hadoop Applications in Business Intelligence contexts.

Peter Bourgon

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Peter Bourgon is a distributed systems and backend engineer at SoundCloud.

Alex Brasetvik

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Alex Brasetvik is a founder and senior software engineer at Found AS - a company whose primary product is a hosted Elasticsearch service. Before working for Found, Alex earned his Master in Computer Science at NTNU, with an emphasis on database- and search engines. He has spent the past seven years on problem solving and solutions related to search, focusing on Elasticsearch in the last two years. His general distrust of things working according to their specifications comes in handy when reliability is what you need.

Mikio Braun

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Mikio L. Braun is co-founder and chief data scientist of TWIMPACT, and PostDoc for machine learning at the TU Berlin. His interests are real-time data analysis, in particular for social media data.

Nick Burch

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Nick is passionate about open source and open development, and has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation since 2003. Nick is chair of the Apache POI project, and as a member of the ASF helps out with mentoring of new projects, and with community development. When not coding, Nick can often be found helping to run and speak at BarCamps, Geek Nights and technology conferences.

Ted Dunning

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Ted Dunning is the Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies. Ted has held Chief Scientist positions at Veoh Networks, ID Analytics and at MusicMatch, (now Yahoo Music). Ted is responsible for building the most advanced identity theft detection system on the planet, as well as one of the largest peer-assisted video distribution systems and ground-breaking music and video recommendations systems. Ted has 15 issued and 15 pending patents and contributes to several Apache open source projects including Hadoop, Zookeeper and Hbase™. He is also a committer and/or project management committee member for Apache Mahout, Apache Zookeeper and Apache Drill. Ted earned a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado; a MS degree in computer science from New Mexico State University; and a Ph.D. in computing science from Sheffield University in the United Kingdom. Ted also bought the drinks at the very first Hadoop User Group meeting.

Gary Dusbabek

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An Apache Cassandra committer and PMC member, Gary Dusbabek is a life-long programmer specializing in distributed systems. His past experience includes working with large-scale text and image indexes in the newspaper industry and high-volume advertisement booking software. Recent work at Rackspace includes working on Cassandra full-time and being a founding member of the Cloud Monitoring team. Gary current works on the Rackspace Service Registry.

Eric Evans

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Eric has more than a decade of experience in large-scale distributed systems, having held roles in both operations and engineering. An early employee of Rackspace, he implemented a global DNS infrastructure utilizing IP anycast (possibly the first), and a novel data-center-wide IDS for which a patent was awarded. An avid open source hacker, Eric is a developer with the Debian Project and a member of the Apache Cassandra PMC. He resides in Texas and works on distributed systems for The OpenNMS Group.

Dan Filimon

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Dan Filimon is a senior undergraduate at Politehnica University of Bucharest, expected to graduate in July 2013. He's interested in Algorithms, Data Analysis and Machine Learning and his most recent work is on implementing, benchmarking and evaluating streaming k-means for Apache Mahout.

Zeno Gantner

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Zeno Gantner is the main author of the MyMediaLite recommender system package. While working on his PhD, he was leader of the workpackage "Recommender Algorithm Development" in the European research project "Dynamic Personalization of Multimedia" (MyMedia), with partners like BBC, British Telecom, and Microsoft.

In 2012 he moved to Berlin to co-found the Berlin Recommender-Stammtisch and to work at Nokia on HERE Maps search and places discovery.

Alan Gates

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Alan is a co-founder of Hortonworks and an original member of the engineering team that took Pig from a Yahoo! Labs research project to a successful Apache open source project. Alan also designed HCatalog and guided its adoption as an Apache Incubator project. Alan has a BS in Mathematics from Oregon State University and a MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also the author of Programming Pig, a book from O’Reilly Press.

Kris Geusebroek

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Kris is a developer with a passion for combining technologies to create new possibilities for the people around him. Coming from a Java and GIS background and being a fan of open source software, Kris started working with distributed systems and graph databases in the last couple of years. He’s currently working on visualizing Big Data with the help of Hadoop and Neo4j. Kris has spoken at in-house knowledge sharing events and several local meetups. He also has experience doing handson training sessions at the dutch java user group.

Radu Gheorghe

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Search consultant and software engineer at Sematext, where he works mainly with Elasticsearch. Co-author of "Elasticsearch in Action".

Clinton Gormley

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Clinton is a South African doctor turned programmer who now lives in Barcelona and works for He was the first user of Elasticsearch and is the author of, the official Perl API and other Perl modules for Elasticsearch.

Jonathan Gray

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Jonathan Gray is an entrepreneur and software engineer with a background in startups, open source, and all things data. Prior to founding Continuuity, Jonathan was a software engineer at Facebook where he helped drive HBase engineering efforts including Facebook Messages and several other large-scale projects. As an open source evangelist, he was responsible for helping build the Facebook engineering brand through open source and developer outreach. Before joining Facebook, Jonathan was the founder of, a consumer Internet startup founded in 2006 focused on realtime sharing and discovery of content. Streamy’s data problems led Jonathan to become an early adopter of Hadoop and HBase and a core contributor and active committer in the community. Jonathan holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Michael Hausenblas

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Michael works at MapR Technologies in the role of Chief Data Engineer, where he helps people to tap the potential of big data. His background is in large-scale data integration research and development, advocacy and standardisation. He has experience with NoSQL databases and the Hadoop ecosystem. Michael speaks at events, blogs about big data, and writes articles and books on the topic. Michael contributes to Apache Drill, a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets.

Galina Hinova

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Galina Hinova is a Project Manager at IntraFind Software AG (, a German software manufacturer specialized on full-text search and text mining based on Lucene and Solr. Galina has extensive expertise in Search-Based Applications and enterprise search projects. In the last few years she has been working on both project management and architecture, design, and implementation of a numbers of sophisticated Search-Based Applications for online product shops, online portals, and enterprise search. In her projects she had the opportunity to get to know and to work with the search technologies iFinder - the Lucene-based enterprise search product of IntraFind Software AG, Lucene – the open source search engine of Apache Software Foundation, and FAST ESP – the former search engine of FAST, a Microsoft Subsidiary. For the After Sales Portals at MAN Truck & Bus she is the responsible project manager for search on the part of IntraFind Software AG. Galina has studied Computational Linguistics, Informatics & Economics at the University of Munich and also holds a M.A. degree in Linguistics

Grant Ingersoll

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Grant Ingersoll is a co-founder of LucidWorks as well as an active member of the Lucene community – a Lucene and Solr committer, co-founder of the Apache Mahout machine learning project and a long standing member of the Apache Software Foundation. Grant’s prior experience includes work at the Center for Natural Language Processing at Syracuse University in natural language processing and information retrieval. Grant is also the co-author of the upcoming "Taming Text" from Manning Publications.

Nitay Joffe

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Nitay Joffe is a software engineer at Facebook working on large scale graph computation. He has contributed to several Apache projects including HBase, Thrift and ZooKeeper before working on Giraph. He likes wheat beer.

Michael Kaisser

Michael Kaisser holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. For his thesis he developed methods to push web-search beyond the usual ten blue links. He now works as a Senior Researcher at AGT International on Social Media Analytics. In the past has worked at Microsoft Bing's Search Technology Centre Munich as a Program Manager on Query Alterations.

Rashid Khan

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Rashid Khan is a data geek and a developer at Elasticsearch. He has a passion for everything open source and is the author of the open source log analysis tool Kibana. He has spent over a decade building infrastructure and writing tools to figure out the meaning of all those blinking lights.

Edit Kiss

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Edit Kiss has more than seven years of experience in the field of information retrieval and search. She started her second degree in computational linguistics with computer science and german linguistics as minors at the University of Munich, where she successfully graduated with a M. A honours. During her studies she spent a year at the Trinity College in Dublin, where she regularly participated at the computational linguistics search circle conferences. After completing her studies, she started her career as a consultant for Autonomy which is one of the global leaders in meaning based computing. She worked on completing several global projects which involves retrieving data from documents, emails, images and videos in different languages. Since 2011 she has been employed as a technical lead for search projects at MAN where she is currently working on the search solution for the after sales portal.

Marcel Kornacker

Marcel Kornacker is a tech lead at Cloudera for new product development and creator of the Cloudera Impala project. Following his graduation in 2000 with a PhD in databases from UC Berkeley, he held engineering positions at several database-related start-up companies. Marcel joined Google in 2003 where he worked on several ads serving and storage infrastructure projects, then became tech lead for the distributed query engine component of Google's F1 project.

Rafał Kuć

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Author of Apache Solr Cookbook series and ElasticSearch Server books, father, consultant and co-founder of blog where he tries to share his knowledge. Currently working as search consultant and software engineer at Sematext. Mainly focused on Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, Hadoop and Mahout.

Sylvain Lebresne

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Sylvain Lebresne is a Sofware Engineer for DataStax, where he is working on the Apache Cassandra for which he is a core contributor, committer and PMC member. In a previous life, he obtained a Ph.D in Computer Science for Paris 7 University.

Jan Lehnardt

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Jan Lehnardt is an Open Source developer. He works on all parts of the web stack and tries to make things easier for everyone. He’s a core contributor to Apache CouchDB, a co-curator for JSConf EU and lives in Berlin.

Jordan Mendelson

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Jordan is a product-focused technologist with over 18 years experience building tech startups. He was Chief Architect of the music startup Napster, worked on big data analytics projects at LinkedIn, was CTO of a restaurant technology startup SeatMe and most recently works as Chief Technologist of the open data web archivist non-profit Common Crawl.

Christian Moen

Christian Moen is an Apache Lucene/Solr Committer and a software engineer at Atilika Inc., a Japanese corporation providing innovative products and services within search, natural language processing and big data to leading businesses world wide. Christian has 13+ years experience with search across a range of industries and holds an M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Oslo, Norway.

Robert Muir

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Robert Muir is a Lucene/Solr PMC Member and Committer. He earned his BS in Computer Science from Radford University and a MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. He currently works for

Owen O'Malley

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Owen has been contributing to Apache Hadoop since before it was called Hadoop. He was the first committer added to the project and has provided technical leadership on MapReduce, and security. Using Hadoop, in 2008 he set the world record for sorting a terabyte of data in 3.5 minutes and in 2009 he sorted a petabyte in 16.25 hours. He was also the founding chair of the Apache Hadoop Project Management Committee. For the last year, he has been working on Hive. He has a PhD in Software Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. Owen may be followed on Twitter: @owen_omalley.

Uwe Schindler

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Uwe is committer and PMC member of Apache Lucene and Solr. His main focus is on development of Lucene Java. He implemented fast numerical search and is maintaining the new attribute-based text analysis API. He studied Physics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and works as managing director for SD DataSolutions GmbH in Bremen, Germany, a company that provides consulting and support for Apache Lucene, ElasticSearch, and Apache Solr. A primary customer of his company is “PANGAEA – Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data” where he implemented the portal's geo-spatial retrieval functions with Lucene Java. Uwe had talks about Lucene at various international conferences like the previous Berlin Buzzwords, ApacheCon EU/US, Lucene Revolution, Lucene Eurocon, and various local meetups.

Michael Stack

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Michael is an engineer on the Cloudera HBase team. He is the Chair of the Apache HBase project and a member of the Hadoop Project Management Committee. Michael got his start in big data ten years ago now when he went to work for the Internet Archive (

Clément Stenac

Clément Stenac is a passionate software engineer, currently CTO of Dataiku, a French startup who helps companies get into the world of data-driven innovation. We edit an integrated platform dedicated to the data lab, bringing together many open source technologies into a consistent whole and adding unique tools to boost data scientists' productivity in the data enrichment phases and drive them through the data analysis and machine learning processes. Clément was previously head of development at Exalead, leading the design and implementation of large-scale search engine software. He also has extended experience with open source software, as a former developer of the VideoLAN and Debian projects.

Martijn van Groningen

Martijn van Groningen is a software engineer for Elasticsearch and an Apache Lucene committer. In the Lucene community he has made a significant contribution to the result grouping and joining features. As a core Elasticsearch engineer he works on all sorts of new features and improvements, also Martijn improved the document relation related features inside Elasticsearch (parent/child and nested objects).

Friso van Vollenhoven

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Friso is a developer who has lately been setting up and using Hadoop a lot for a living. Also, he is a trainer teaching the Cloudera Hadoop developer classes and (co-)organizer of the Dutch Hadoop community meetup (NL-HUG) and the Dutch NoSQL NL meetup.

Ariel Waldman

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Ariel Waldman is the founder of, a directory of ways to participate in space exploration, and the global instigator of Science Hack Day, an event that brings together scientists, technologists, designers and people with good ideas to see what they can create in one weekend. She is also an interaction designer, a research affiliate at Institute For The Future, and an advisor for the SETI Institute‘s radio show, Big Picture Science. Previously, she worked at NASA’s CoLab program whose mission was to connect communities inside and outside NASA to collaborate. Ariel has also been a sci-fi movie gadget columnist for Engadget and a digital anthropologist at VML. In 2008, she was named one of the top 50 most influential individuals in Silicon Valley.

Simon Willnauer

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Simon Willnauer is a Apache Lucene core committer and Apache Software Foundation Member. He has been a Apache Lucene committer since 2006 and has contributed to several other open source projects within and outside the Apache Software Foundation. During the last couple of years he led the design and implementation of numerous scalable software systems and search infrastructures. His main interests are performance optimizations and concurrency. Simon is also a co-founder of ElasticSearch Inc. as well as of the highly regarded BerlinBuzzwords conference on Scalability in Berlin (Germany).

Ryan Zezeski

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Ryan Zezeski is a Senior Developer at Basho Technologies, the creators of the Riak database. Riak is a dynamo-inspired, highly-available, distributed database written in Erlang. Ryan is a core contributor to Riak Core, an Erlang application which provides a generic foundation for building distributed applications such as Riak. His blog "try-try-try" is the canonical resource on learning how to build Riak Core application, located at He is also the lead maintainer of Riak Search, a distributed search solution deployed with Riak. Ryan is the creator of Yokozuna, a project that tightly integrates Solr with Riak. The goal of the project is to bring Solr's powerful search features to Riak and use Riak's distributed bits to smartly scale Solr. Ryan strongly believes that Yokozuna is the future of search in Riak.