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Ryan Zezeski is a Senior Developer at Basho Technologies, the creators of the Riak database. Riak is a dynamo-inspired, highly-available, distributed database written in Erlang. Ryan is a core contributor to Riak Core, an Erlang application which provides a generic foundation for building distributed applications such as Riak. His blog "try-try-try" is the canonical resource on learning how to build Riak Core application, located at https://github.com/rzezeski/try-try-try. He is also the lead maintainer of Riak Search, a distributed search solution deployed with Riak. Ryan is the creator of Yokozuna, a project that tightly integrates Solr with Riak. The goal of the project is to bring Solr's powerful search features to Riak and use Riak's distributed bits to smartly scale Solr. Ryan strongly believes that Yokozuna is the future of search in Riak.


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