Document relations with Elasticsearch


Lucene based search engines like Elasticsearch are document based and the usual way of modelling your data is to de-normalise / flatten your data. Other then just de-normalising and flatting your data Elasticsearch does provide other ways of modelling your data. In this session we will dive into the document relation features Elasticsearch has to offer and how you can use these features in combination with Elasticsearch's analytical capabilities, structured and unstructured search.

About the speaker: 
Martijn van Groningen is a software engineer for Elasticsearch and an Apache Lucene committer. In the Lucene community he has made a significant contribution to the result grouping and joining features. As a core Elasticsearch engineer he works on all sorts of new features and improvements, also Martijn improved the document relation related features inside Elasticsearch (parent/child and nested objects).

Schedule info

Time slot: 
3 June 14:15 - 14:40