Elasticsearch in production


This talk covers some of the lessons we've learned from securing and herding hundreds of Elasticsearch clusters. It is applicable whether you operate Elasticsearch in your own infrastructure, in the cloud, or if you're a developer who wants a better understanding of Elasticsearch's various failure modes.

Elasticsearch easily lets you develop amazing things, and it has gone to great lengths to make Lucene's features readily available in a distributed setting. However, when it comes to running Elasticsearch in production, you still have a fairly complicated system on your hands: a system with high expectations on network stability, a huge appetite for memory, and a system that assumes all users are trustworthy.

Instead of delving deeply into a few specifics, we give a brief overview of problems you are likely to run into and suggested solutions to these problems. We cover topics that are applicable to both developers and users with Elasticsearch clusters of every shape and size – with an emphasis on resiliency and security.

Basic familiarity with Elasticsearch is assumed.

About the speaker: 
Alex Brasetvik is a founder and senior software engineer at Found AS - a company whose primary product is a hosted Elasticsearch service. Before working for Found, Alex earned his Master in Computer Science at NTNU, with an emphasis on database- and search engines. He has spent the past seven years on problem solving and solutions related to search, focusing on Elasticsearch in the last two years. His general distrust of things working according to their specifications comes in handy when reliability is what you need.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
3 June 14:15 - 14:40