JSON Logging with Elasticsearch


This talk is about aggregating loooots of logs - searching of seriously big data. We’ll go through everything we can possibly go through in 20 minutes. We’ll look at how, where, when, why, and what to log. We’ll show how to use Elasticsearch as a data store for logs and what the benefits of doing so are. We'll discuss advantages and disadvantages of logging in JSON, which is easily processed by computers, over traditional logging, which is easily processed by humans. Finally, we'll explore how you can get your logs - JSON or not - into Elasticsearch, run searches and statistics on them, and create pretty graphs you can’t stop staring at.

About the speaker: 
Search consultant and software engineer at Sematext, where he works mainly with Elasticsearch. Co-author of "Elasticsearch in Action".

Schedule info

Time slot: 
4 June 14:15 - 14:40