Scaling the other way: Elasticsearch in Miniature


Sometimes data isn't big, that doesn't mean we don't need the same search and analysis capabilities on a smaller scale. We take lessons learned in deploying to tiny cloud instances and apply them to tiny hardware for fun and profit, or maybe just that first thing.

Join Rashid Khan and Shay Banon of Elasticsearch for the unveiling of the world's smallest search appliance. Plus live interactive demos as we spin up an entire ARM based, battery powered, custom built Elasticsearch cluster and let it collect environmental data. Then we'll turn off a couple nodes, watch the cluster go yellow and observe shard redistribution on built in character LCDs as the cluster returns to a healthy green state.

About the speaker: 
Rashid Khan is a data geek and a developer at Elasticsearch. He has a passion for everything open source and is the author of the open source log analysis tool Kibana. He has spent over a decade building infrastructure and writing tools to figure out the meaning of all those blinking lights. Shay Banon is founder of ElasticSearch, an open-source, distributed, RESTful, Search Engine. Shay also founded the Compass project in 2004, an open-source Java Search Engine library built on top of Lucene.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
3 June 12:50 - 13:15