Ticket sale for #bbuzz 2014 will start on December 16!

Limited "Trust us"-Tickets for 399,-!

First come first serve: Get one of the limited "Trust us"-Tickets for € 399,- while stock lasts!
Early Bird Tickets will be available for € 499,- until February 16, 2014. Students still get their ticket online for € 150,-. Just make sure to show your valid student ID at the entrance.

Berlin Buzzwords offers a special rate for groups of 5 and more attendees with a 20% discount off the regular ticket price. All tickets include our traditional barcamp on May 25, followed by the main conference on Monday & Tuesday and finally, the different workshops & hackathons on May 28.


New Ticket Categories available!

We want Berlin Buzzwords to be more family-friendly: In 2014 we'll offer a special ticket category for children, to give parents the opportunity to attend Berlin Buzzwords. We will also provide conference child care so every attendee can take a deep-dive into their favorite topics. The conference child care is included in your child's ticket (limited availability).

If you don't have time to join the whole conference, but you would like to meet friends and familiar faces, there's a solution for you: This time there will be a Hallway Track Ticket which allows access to the Barcamp, to the catering area on Monday & Tuesday and to all Meetups.


The ticket sale will start on December 16 at 2 pm (CET)! We are looking forward to seeing you in May 2014!


Save the Date for #bbuzz 2014!

Berlin Buzzwords is back: Mark your calendar now to join us during May 25-28 for Berlin Buzzwords 2014 at Kulturbrauerei!

We start with our traditional barcamp on May 25, followed by the main conference on Monday and Tuesday. Stay until May 28 and join the different workshops/meetups/hackathons and take a deep-dive into your favorite topic.

Ticket sale will start soon and the call for papers begins in January. While we're starting our preparations and you're waiting for more details, why not follow us via Social Media on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Xing? To shorten the waiting time you can also look back at the last edition of Berlin Buzzwords. More than 30 recordings of almost all talks can be found on our YouTube channel. Images of all two #bbuzz days 2013 are available on our Flickr account!

If you're interested in being a partner or sponsor please contact Daniela Bentrup via partner[at]berlinbuzzwords.de.

We look forward to seeing you on May 25-28, 2014 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin!


Watch the #bbuzz videos online

As you may have noticed on Twitter we spend the last weeks uploading all videos of Berlin Buzzwords talks to YouTube. We created a Playlist so you can find them altogether at one place.

If you have some issues you want so share, we would appreciate your feedback: Please feel free to share positive and negative impressions either on our public feedback page http://berlinbuzzwords.de/wiki/feedback or privately via info [at] berlinbuzzwords.de so we can keep improving the event in the coming years.


Berlin Buzzwords 2013 - It's a wrap!

It’s been a week since we celebrated the end of Berlin Buzzwords 2013 at Kulturbrauerei and we can honestly say: It was great! A big thanks to all of you, to all our partners for their support, and to the whole Berlin Buzzwords team. We really hope that you have had an inspiring time, got some good feedback and made some useful contacts.

Images of all two #bbuzz days are available on our Flickr account! Also, the session recordings will be available on our Youtube channel soon.

Of course, we would appreciate your feedback: Please feel free to share positive and negative impressions either on our public feedback page http://berlinbuzzwords.de/wiki/feedback or privately via info@berlinbuzzwords.de so we can keep improving the event in the coming years.

Thanks again for coming! We look forward to seeing you at Berlin Buzzwords 2014.

Useful things to know

With only a few days to go before the doors open to this year's Berlin Buzzwords we are excited about all the workshops, talks, hackathons and the Berlin Buzzwords BarCamp.


If you join the #bbuzz BarCamp on June 2nd at Kulturbrauerei you can bring your ticket printed out so you can already check-in and save time on Monday Morning to enjoy the breakfast.

The accreditation opens on Monday 3rd at 8.30 am and on Tuesday 4th at 9 am. Berlin Buzzwords welcomes you with a delicious breakfast, therefore it is worthwhile to be early at Kulturbrauerei to start the conference with a great coffee. 
Please register at the accreditation desk with your ticket and bring the ticket printed out! Unfortunately it is not possible to scan tickets from smartphones and laptops. At the accreditation desk, you will get a Button to write your name on and a wristband. Please keep it until the end of the conference.

Both our Open Stage and our #bbuzz party are public so people without a ticket can join us there. The #bbuzz party takes place on Monday starting at 6:00 pm at Kulturbrauerei!


How to get to Kulturbrauerei:

Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin (link to Google Maps):
U-Bahn: U2 Eberswalder Straße
S-Bahn: Ringbahn S42, S4 und S8
Tram: M12, M1, M10 (Eberswalder Straße)
The BVG website can be used to check all current train and bus connections: http://www.bvg.de/
There is a fee-charging parking garage at the entry Sredzkistraße
- from 7am until 7pm 1,50€/h
- from 7pm until 7am 1,00€/h
- max. Daily rate 8,00€/h


We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

A short introduction of the Berlin Buzzwords speakers

Due to our final program we would like to introduce all speakers in short.

Peter Bourgon Alex Brasetvik Mikio Braun Nick Burch

Peter Bourgon is a distributed systems and backend engineer at SoundCloud. He gives an overview of the SoundCloud search archtitecture, some encountered problems of the organically-developed search architecture and how they were solved.

Alex Brasetvik is a founder and senior software engineer at Found AS. In his talk he speaks about his learnings from securing and herding hundreds of ElasticSearch clusters.

Mikio Braun is co-founder and chief data scientist of TWIMPACT. He explains challenges big data applications based on high volume event streams face.

Nick Burch is chair of the Apache POI project. At Berlin Buzzwords he gives a talk about how to build your own solution on top of Hadoop / SOLR / NoSQL and more.

Ted Dunning Gary Dusbabek Eric Evans Dan Filimon

Ted Dunning works as Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies. He gives three different talks. In one he speaks about multi-modal recommendation algorithms to improve recommendation engines.

Gary Dusbabek is Apache Cassandra committer and PMC member. He gives a talk about Blueflood, a metrics system that could ingest 30 million signals generated from a Cloud Monitoring system.

Eric Evans works at Rackspace. His talk is about Apache Cassandra and data modeling with CQL3.

Dan Filimon is a senior undergraduate at Politehnica University of Bucharest. He developed and tested the new clustering algorithm soon to be available as a part of Apache Mahout.

Zeno Gantner Alan Gates Kris Geusebroek Radu Gheorghe

Zeno Gantner is the main author of the MyMediaLite Recommender System Library and works at Nokia. In his talk he shows how to perform offline experiments with MyMediaLite.

Alan Gates is a co-founder of Hortonworks. He gives a talk about the latest updates on Apache Hive and wants to discuss features that could be added in the future.

Kris Geusebroek is currently working on visualizing Big Data with the help of Hadoop and Neo4j. He speaks about his project to use Hadoop to scale the creation of very large Neo4j databases by distributing the load across a cluster.

Radu Gheorghe works as Search consultant and software engineer at Sematext. His talk is about aggregating lots of logs by searching big amounts of data.

Clinton Gormley Jonathan Gray Grant Ingersoll Nitay Joffe

Clinton Gormley works for ElasticSearch. He gives a beginners workshop on the usage of ElasticSearch.

Jonathan Gray is an entrepreneur and software engineer. He describes difficulties with HBase and discusses recommendations for how to address these.

Grant Ingersoll is a co-founder of LucidWorks and spreaks at Berlin Buzzwords about building crowd-sourced intelligence into Search over Hadoop.

Nitay Joffe is a software engineer at Facebook working on large scale graph computation. His talk disusses the design and architecture of Giraph - an offline distributed graph processing system built on top of Hadoop.

Rashid Khan Edit Kiss Rafał Kuć Sylvain Lebresne

Rashid Khan works as a developer at ElasticSearch. His two talks are about Elasticsearch in Miniature and live demonstrations of Kibana 3 - a project for creating analytics interfaces to machine generated data.

Edit Kiss is a technical lead for search projects at MAN. Together with Galina Hinova she introduces the After Sales Portal (ASP) at MAN Truck & Bus.

Rafał Kuć is author of Apache Solr Cookbook series and ElasticSearch Server books. He compares the latest updates of Solr and ElasticSearch in technical aspects, the code, the user community and more.

Sylvain Lebresne works as a Sofware Engineer for DataStax. In his talk he goes through the evolution of Apache Cassandra.

Jan Lehnardt Jordan Mendelson Owen O'Malley Uwe Schindler

Jan Lehnardt is an Open Source developer. At Berlin Buzzwords he introduces CouchDB and explains it's implementation.

Jordan Mendelson works as Chief Technologist of the open data web archivist non-profit Common Crawl. In his keynote he speaks about utilizing open data and cloud computing resources for modern big data methods.

Owen O'Malley was also the founding chair of the Apache Hadoop Project Management Committee. His talk is about Apache Hive's new file format named Optimized Row Columnar (ORC).

Uwe Schindler is committer and PMC member of Apache Lucene and Solr. He presents techniques used in the Apache Lucene project to test Lucene with randomly selected JDK implementations and optimization options. As a result the Lucene community found several bugs in various JDKs.

Michael Stack Friso van Vollenhoven Ariel Waldman Simon Willnauer

Michael Stack is an engineer on the Cloudera HBase team. He talks about the latest developments in Apache HBase and wants to discuss future directions of the project.

Friso van Vollenhoven is a developer using Hadoop a lot. His talk is about his solution for retrieving and analysing high volumes of data from lots of external sources.

Ariel Waldman is the founder of Spacehack.org. As the second Keynote speaker she "explains the universe" and shows how to get active and making to explore the final frontier.

Simon Willnauer is a Apache Lucene core committer and Apache Software Foundation Member. His talk is mainly about query suggestions with Lucene.

Ryan Zezeski Galina Hinova Robert Muir Shay Banon

Ryan Zezeski is a Senior Developer at Basho Technologies. He goes into technical details about Yokozuna - an open source project which melds the Riak database with Solr search.

Galina Hinova is a Project Manager at IntraFind Software AG. Together with Edit Kiss she introduces the After Sales Portal (ASP) at MAN Truck & Bus.

Robert Muir is a Lucene/Solr PMC Member and Committer. He talks with Simon Willnauer about query suggestions with Lucene.

Shay Banon is founder of Elasticsearch. Together with Rashid Khan he talks about live demonstrations of Kibana 3 - a project for creating analytics interfaces to machine generated data.

Michael Hausenblas Dominik Benz _ _

Michael Hausenblas works at MapR technologies in the role of Chief Data Engineer. Together with Ted Dunning he will talk about the project Apache Drill that aims to provide SQL query capabilities for a wide variety of data sources in an extensible way.

Dominik Benz is Big Data Engineer at Inovex GmbH. He talks about  test-driven big data application development.

Michael Kaisser works as a Senior Researcher at AGT International on Social Media Analytics. He presents a system for geo-spatial event detection on Social Media streams and reports on the algorithms and technology they used to efficiently analyze the Twitter data stream in real-time.

Marcel Kornacker is a tech lead at Cloudera for new product development and creator of the Cloudera Impala project. His talk gives an overview of Impala from the user's perspective, followed by a presentation of Impala's architecture and implementation.

Christian Moen is a software engineer at Atilika Inc. His talk gives an overview of language handling and linguistics functionality in Lucene/Solr/elasticsearch and best-practices for using them.

Clément Stenac is currently CTO of Dataiku. At Berlin Buzzwords he describes the concepts, architecture and features of Dataiku Flow and details its unique capabilities.

Martijn van Groningen works as a software engineer for Elasticsearch and is an Apache Lucene committer. His talk is about document relation features Elasticsearch has to offer and how you can use these features in combination with Elasticsearch's analytical capabilities for structured and unstructured search.

Scout24 @ BerlinBuzzwords - Special Feature

As an internet pioneer from the first hour and leading business group of online marketplaces in Europe, Scout24 represents sustained economic success for over 10 years. The six marketplaces of the Scout24 Group - ImmobilienScout24, AutoScout24, FriendScout24, FinanceScout24, JobScout24 and TravelScout24 - are present in 22 countries.

The Scout24-marketplaces have been search specialists since 1999. Since we are passionate supporters of innovative people and concepts we are very happy to be this year's gold-sponsor of the BerlinBuzzwords. "Search, store and scale" - we use Open Source Software in different areas of our software.

Our companies are based in Berlin and Munich and we are happy to ensure our 1100 employees the access to "high-quality conferences, know-how sharing, networking and interaction with creative minds" to design better products for our customers. The BerlinBuzzwords is one of those HQ-Conferences and we are looking forward to meet hundreds of like-minded.

The organisation of individual branch specialists within the business group is decentralised. All company divisions operate as legally independent companies. Scout24 Holding GmbH oversees the strategic running of the Group and supports marketplaces with the brand management, financing and development of its operating businesses. Around 13 million internet users per month trust the offers of the Scout24 Group, which is part of the Deutsche Telekom concern.

Help others get started on your favourite topic

Berlin Buzzwords traditionally has been focused on providing high quality, deep technical content to developers in the trenches. One obvious question though is how to become an expert in those exciting topics? Our suggestion: Learn from the experts!

To reach out to beginners the Berlin Buzzwords team decided to collaborate with Open Tech School - "a community initiative offering free programming workshops and supports volunteer coaches in setting up events by taking care of the organizational details, encouraging coaches to create original teaching material":

The plan is to provide beginner friendly workshops on Sunday afternoon (5p.m. to 9p.m.) in parallel to the Berlin Buzzwords Barcamp. To be able to do that we need your help: We are looking for developers who are already in town Sunday evening and would be willing to introduce their favourite topic to max 7 attendees per session. Simply add your proposal to our wiki!

The goal is to provide a more detailed introduction to your favourite technology. The content should be targeted to people who do have some software engineering background but are new to your topic.

If you have never given trainings before don't despair - OTS are there to help you out. They will support you prepare your session and provide guidance on site in case of any issues.

Looking forward to lots of interesting workshops that will help get people started with all the facinating Berlin Buzzwords topics.


New Keynote Speaker: Jordan Mendelson

We are happy to announce our new keynote speaker: Jordan Mendelson!

Jordan is a product-focused technologist with over 18 years experience building tech startups. He was Chief Architect of the music startup Napster, worked on big data analytics projects at LinkedIn, was CTO of a restaurant technology startup SeatMe and most recently works as Chief Technologist of the open data web archivist non-profit Common Crawl.

Jordan will be speaking about "Big Data for Cheapskates". The general topic will be around utilizing open data and cloud computing resources so that everyone can benefit from modern big data methods.

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